Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hughtrain hitting in the forehead

I was wandering around the net after I saw the unbelievable act of picking a Kryptonite lock with a mere pen. The markets are conversations... and the markets did just that. Now Kryptonite is exchanging their defected products to new and better designed ones. Another good example of Cluetrain manifesto. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Keep the bike in your bedroom and spread the word.

While I was looking for more information I suddenly stumbled upon the Gapingvoid site. I was almost leaving but as an artist by heart, the drawings got my attention. Each post has a creative sketch attached to it. This guy draws pictures on back of business cards. I wonder what Japanese would say about "ruining" their business cards like this.

I dug deeper and spotted the cleverness of the Hughtrain. It seems to be affected by the background in the advertisement industry by the writer but it was like reading my own notes, as one commenter puts it. I found many things I have subconsciously noticed in my job, now being just well-written. I think many other creative persons will feel the same who have been looking after something meaningful to do instead of some brainless jobs-for-money.

Products are conversations and it's not all about products but the process of using them. One have to love using the product not the product itself.
When creating a product, there must be something interesting, insightful and new in it. When you yourself have visions and belief in it, then it's time to explain it to others. Re-inventing existing markets is stupid and often more difficult than creating completely new markets.

I have noticed this lately when I have been going around talking about my vision of the Dicole Network. I'm turning things upside down, making old things interesting by introducing new ways of thinking. When people share my vision and see it in their own way, suddenly the product also becomes meaningful and something fun to play with. So it's not about the product characteristics, it's about what is it like to use it, is it a new and interesting way and how it's going to change the culture one is living in.


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