Monday, October 04, 2004

Let's get going...

Alright, I'm starting a blog. I've been talking about blogs and their strengths for quite some time. I even think weblogs should be something like email for members of any organization: it is provided as a service and you are teached how to use it. Part of the common software infrastructure.

I've been delaying my own blog until I have enabled Dicole to actually allow personalized blogs to be published to the general public. As some of you might know, Dicole already has the capabilities with feeds and all, but the publishing part still requires some work. I'm almost there, but not yet. Meanwhile I thought I'll try another service. This allows me to build a taste of where we should be heading.

So, why am I starting a blog in the first place? First, I'm emailing daily updates to people I work closely together. Those emails typically contain a link and my opinions about it (You got it, this is the basic idea of the term "weblog"). So now they (and anyone else interested in my spam) may read (and pull) that pile of Infedelic Ideas whenever they wish.

Second, I believe in communities and participation. Weblogs highly support the idea networking and building communities and by nature lower the participation aspect. I want to get feedback of my ideas, before I go ahead and do anything about them. I have to try this myself and see if it really works as I have explained ;)

Third, I believe in the personal voice, in spirit of the Cluetrain manifesto. I wish my colleagues and friends in the industry also start their own blogs... I was quite easy with Blogger, after all.

I also need a place where I can dump my random ideas and come back to them later. Inf is my nickname and Infedelic Ideas is a good topic for a weblog where I bring up my twisted psychedelic out-of-this-world ideas. This is Hello World.


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