Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The fall of the capitalist dream of Iraq

While I have been interested in the latest economical impact in the infrastructure of Iraq caused by the Bush administration, I have read a great article by Naomi Klein, "Baghdad Year Zero: Pillaging Iraq in pursuit of a neo-con utopia" released some time ago.

It describes how the idealistic believers in Shock theory didn't succeed in their attempts to turn Iraq into a capitalist dream of free market, low taxes and possibility to 100% privatize country's businesses and sell them to foreign companies.

It turned out the idealistic plan was just way too idealistic to work and it back-fired. The operations didn't paralyze the Iraqi people, instead the new approach gave them two decisions: either fight the privatization or starve and loose your job. Bremer gave no options, while his vision was blurred by the myriad of investment opportunities.

The greediness that drives the economical growth in capitalistic countries does not mean that the system works in it's most idealistic and purest form, as the religious crusade of the neo-con regime fueled by the Bush administration shows.

I guess you should value a more pragmatic approach these days.


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