Monday, November 29, 2004

Publishers, learning objects and the future of education

During the past weeks I've been writing and speaking about a loosely joined network for online learning. It's a system build on emerging technologies that connects the isolated islands of creative workers, bound in their islands by the barriers and limits of their online groupware systems or learning environments.

Yet the publishers and designers of standards behind the online learning have taken a different route, missing the point of online learning and internet completely. It seems like a step backwards, reflecting on the existing world, not building the future but recreating the past.

Stephen Downes explanation of a brave new world of online learning and what went wrong is entertaining, sound and to the point by someone who has observed the field for a long time. Read his learning networks transcript, it's worth of every minute of your time. I've personally observed the online learning field for several years already and I honestly recommend this one as a quick mind boggling introduction to learning objects, content repositories and artifacts that describe the future of learning as well as past. Shall it be ground for the future scenarios of online learning you might be working on.

I feel the fresh wind in the air, the snow has finally arrived to my neighborhood. Along with it Stephen has shown me that what I'm doing is probably worth of it.


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