Thursday, January 06, 2005

Six Apart and LiveJournal: How to do a press release

It has come to my attention that Six Apart and LiveJournal are merging. Read this "exclusive first post" and compare it to what the LiveJournal author himself wrote in a press-release-kind-of-thing.

The interesting part is that the first one could be slightly edited to fit in the good old press release structure. It's boring and written in third person, looking like a journalist rip-off of a company press release to complete the day. It could be the press release of either of the mergers. It sprung quite a lot of doubt and disbelief on many fronts.

But if you read the LiveJournal authors post, which one you find more interesting to read, more to trust and to believe in? It's written in a form of a conversation. It really has a personal sound in it. I especially loved the "above is all gibberish" part and some muttering about TCO and core competencies. It's great self-irony at best.

Now this is how companies should write their press releases to build trust in the markets of conversations. Sure it doesn't sound "professional" enough but it has more effect in the market and user base, me thinks... It's very hard to write something like this if you are used in the old way of doing things. Almost like sailing upstream without a sail. No problem, these guys have pretty good wings.

Kick ass LiveJournal and Six Apart, I have my trust in the management of both companies.


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