Thursday, March 24, 2005

Survey results of blog readership

Interesting survey on blog readers at blogads. 30,079 readers filled the survey. if your business is targeting any kind of blog readers, here are some statistics for you to consider about your target market. Some highlights (rounded average numbers):
  • 75% were over 30 years old. Only about 20% are from the 21-30 age group
    I think this is pretty interesting. The computer savvy age group is surprisingly less present in these statistics.
  • 43% receive over $90 000 in family incomes
  • 20% of readers are bloggers
    Hopefully this number is rising. The more conversations, the better. Yet, every fifth reader might write about you.
  • 75% are males
    I remember reading somewhere that most bloggers are females but how is it that there are more males as readers?
  • Distribution of job titles is very diverse. Not only computer enthusiasts. 10% where students and 8% were computer professionals
    This is a good thing. What we need is more blogs about special subjects not related to technology and blogging at all. Like quality savile row suits.
  • Popular industries were education (15%), technology/computers (10%) and legal (7%)
    Hopefully the education sector will grow through more utilization of blogs in education. Despite the fact that blogs were not originally designed for learning, blogs are very simple tools to help with personal learning.
  • Over 70% read more than 3 blogs a day
    I rely on blogs almost entirely of the news I receive about my industry. There are several reasons but the most important one is:
  • 75% read news they can't find elsewhere
    Exactly. The mass media doesn't satisfy the general public. My forecast is that the readership of professional print media will drop as people will seek for the information they are interested in through grass-roots blogs.


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