Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Old boring conference format

Came back from ITK'05, Interactive Technology in Education -conference , which is the largest conference in Finland about information- and communication technology in educational use.

The topic is interactive technology but the conference format is the same as 10 years ago. No interactive technology in sight. No infrastructure to support blogging, virtual meetings along physical ones or any of that kind of stuff.

The place has a WLAN worth 8€ / hour. That's robbery. Doesn't motivate me to write much about the stuff going on there, although I did.

We need a new format and I've got some ideas I've been tossing around with people. Maybe I'll try my ideas next summer of how emerging technologies could change the conference to be more like a conversation, instead of a horde of monologies.

I have nothing against monologies if the presentations are good quality and engaging. and leaves enough time for comments. Unfortunately, I didn't have a very good time this time. Most of the speakers were just reading their bullet points aloud. I was coding a web based RSS/Atom aggregator instead.

Some good things surprised along the way. One of the directors at University of Helsinki, Palmenia continuity centre did some "podcasts" (wavs, not MP3s, though) by recording one minute sessions with various influental people (I'm there, but I don't know if I'm influental) about the future of continuity education (finnish only, sorry). This format kicks bullet points out of the window in no time. Way to go, Mika Tuuliainen, a very good idea. But next time you need a blog to enable a conversation and a way for people to discover your great stuff, probably the best offering at ITK this year.


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