Sunday, May 01, 2005

Single-signon bookmarklet

Nic Wolff's single-signon bookmarklet is pretty old news but I haven't spotted it before.

It's a brilliant idea on how to manage all those different passwords you have to access all kinds of web pages with a single master password so that each authenticated web page gets a different password derived from your master password. Good for security:
  • Each page has a different password, so guessing one doesn't compromise every other site you are on

  • The master password is not stored anywhere and it's not transmitted over the wire
It's easier to remember a single password than several hundred :) I bet many of you use the same password for all web services. That's bad for security.

This is a simple bookmarklet that asks your master password and generates a password in the password field on the site you are on. It's stored in your bookmarks and you use it to generate the password by clicking the bookmark in your browser.

The only thing you have to remember is your master password and the username. Using the same username in all web services helps a lot :)

[: UPDATE :]
Coolest stuff since sliced bread.. A firefox extension is now available in addition to a DHTML version of the same thing. The firefox extension adds an arrow next to every password field for entering the master password. Neat!


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