Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Podcasting and vodcasting

Podcasting is really picking up, so is vodcasting (the same with video). The white paper "Podcasting & Vodcasting" from the University of Missouri looks like a good introduction to the latest cool technology, which is pretty much identified as a functional medium for amateur producers of audio and video programs.

Sidenote: We are currently preparing a new website for our Dicole company. A new logo and updated information of what we are offering is on the way. We are pretty much reinventing ourselves.

We aim to make the site sound as human as possible and encourage a conversation. No static pages. Every page -- be it information about the company, product or foresight etc. -- is almost like a blog, always alive, telling a story and ready for outside comments. I bet it's the first in my country to take a very different approach to corporate identity on the web.

In fact, a corporation does not have an identity, as the corporation is not a human being. Corporations consists of human beings, which have identities. We want to bring the people on the front while pushing that humorlessly crafted corporate identity under the carpet. Everyone should do the same.

Look at your company website. Does it have a spark?


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