Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Behaviour is the missing link of AJAX

Behaviour is very cool. I've been looking at AJAX for quite some time to make Dicole more responsive, just like Flicr or Google Suggest. Preventing code pollution is a worthwhile goal at the same time, so Behaviour is quite handy.

As a side note, I'm starting to blog here once again after a long summer break. I've also been quiet at Flosse POSSE blog. I have a nice blog coming that focuses on social software, knowledge management, experiential learning and stuff like that. I'm also planning a tech-only blog which I will write on the developer site of Dicole. These and some more coming as we go forward. I wonder what happens to this one as I move more focused writings to other sites.. It's likely this will remain as a personal space which is not that much connected to my professional life.