Monday, September 05, 2005

CNN vs Education vs Businesses

My friend Alan Levine is on the run, a good article about comparing the excellent description of the CNN news gathering method with the way of education. Regarding learning objects, we are still in the stone age compared to what CNN is doing with their own "learning objects" already today.

Of course CNN operates in a business environment with larger budgets than what education institutions could ever dream about, but in the other hand, these tools are already available. You may create a cheap (in finnish I could say "karvalakki") version of the same thing with Open Source components. Throw in some additional programming and support services and your organization will benefit from the surrounding digital spectrum.

Alan's comparison is reality for many traditional businesses as well. Limited budget or lack of ROI lingo are not available excuses for companies that still operate in even less digitalized world than what educational organizations do. There is a lot for all of us to learn from the CNN model.

Imagine your CEO to edit and feed some live information from a conference he is attending back to the "lab" for packaging and distribution to digital workspaces for all people in the organization to play with. Imagine a salesman communicating new customer requirements in real-time and getting the customized product ready for shipping the next day because he did and the infrastructure supported such a reactive business process.

Before thinking about buying expertise and content from the outside, an organization should look at their own way of creating value out of the information flow they already possess. If flow of knowledge and information is improved, operational sensitivity and efficiency will be much better in the big picture.


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